Area 456

Warning! Alien-access only!

Welcome, Alien Friends, to Area 456!


The Bible says we are all aliens here on earth, but while here, we have a mission.  Our mission at Holy Cross is to Learn of Jesus, Live for Jesus, and Lead to Jesus!  It is also your time to preparePrepare for Holy Cross Youth in Christ!  Prepare for Confirmation Class!  This will be interesting, and FUN!  You will have your own test facility (room) and test missions (outings and events) to bond with your fellow Christian soldiers as you move up the ranks together into Holy Cross Youth that starts in 6th grade.  4-5th graders will report for duty to church for Sunday school at 10:00 a.m.;   Wednesday evenings, ranks start class at 6:30 p.m. with attendance in the Fellowship Hall then class in room M-5.

Wednesday Night Holy Cross University Curriculum

We want to help God's Word become personal and part of kids' lives!  Challenging, interesting lessons, and topics that help them in making wise life-choices, a fun-filled learning lab with gizmos and sound effects galore that help them interactively learn about God's Word!  Please see the Holy Cross University course catalog for Wednesday class listings.

Sunday school Curriculum

4-5th Grade CPH's 'Growing in Christ'

To receive security clearance (for more information), please contact Lorin Zuppe. 

Are you ready?  3,2,1...let's blast off!